If you had to make a Moby Dick themed parody of “Call Me Maybe”, would you title it “Call Me Ishmael” or “Call Me Moby”? These are the questions that keep me up at night

White girls with bindis. When will the plague end?

sharppracticepenguin said: Post ya numba

0417481914 whoooo birthday messages (n00dz) whooo rory n00dz

You’re all coming out tonight yeah?

Oh! I just realised it’s my birthday.

I think organising events could bring out the passive-aggressive in anyone.

This caught my eye in some reblog notes. lmao

This caught my eye in some reblog notes. lmao

Nobody tells me what to do

Nobody tells me what to do

well this is going well

well this is going well

It’s cool how many people wanna move out with me, I must be a real champ.
But we’ll see if I’m still a champ after I’ve made them all fight to the death for the privilege.

(pictured: channing tatum putting a deposit on his room)

Manchester Orchestra are such a frustrating band. Like, just write an album with more than 4 good songs already. Put together the good halves of each of the next two albums you write. idk

Mickey Sykes, punk blogger knows what's up!

I accept this endorsement

After a week and a half of no phone (other than imessage), it is now activated!!! hmu @ 0417481914

having no mobile service or 3g while being in sydney for two days was so stressful. there was an electronic road sign advising of an accident on the swansea bridge about an hour from home and I was convinced it had been someone in my family and the others hadn’t been able to contact me. i hate you telstra i will rip and tear your guts